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Bell Schedule and Grading Policy

Bell Schedule

Student Schedule by Period. Period 1 - 8:30-9:17. Period 2 - 9:17-10:04. Period 3 - 10:04-10:51. Period 4 - 10:51-11:38. Period 5 - 11:38-12:25. Period 6 - 12:25-1:12. Period 7 - 1:12-1:59.

Blended Learning Students

Students enrolled in blended classes will attend in-person classes on a six day rotation. While in the building they will remain with their cohort, in the same classroom, while teachers rotate and change rooms each period.

Remote Learning Students

Students enrolled in full remote classes will log in for synchronous learning daily, during the first 20-30 minutes of the class period.

Grading Policy

Grades for the semester are cumulative. This means that work from the first half of the semester will still impact your grade at the end of the semester. In other words, there is only one marking period per semester this school year. You and your parent/guardian will receive five progress reports in addition to a final semester grade (official final transcript grade) in a semester to demonstrate your progress. Teachers will also meet with you before each progress report to discuss your progress.

Grading Policy Table Image. This is written out below as screen reader friendly text.

Participation - 40%

Submission of Completed Daily Assignments on Google Classroom

Contribution to class discussions: This includes responding to collaborative prompts on flipgrid, padlet, in-class discussions (*non-remote students only), google classroom questions, etc.

(Approx. 52 assignments per semester)

Formative Assessment - 30%

Weekly Assessments: This includes accuracy on performance tasks each cycle. For students that are blended, these will be completed in class. For students who are fully remote, these will be completed virtually.

(Approx. 9 assignments per semester)

Summative Assessment - 30%

These include, but are not limited to: Unit Tests, Major Projects and Research Papers.

(Approx. 4 assignments per semester)

Progress Report Schedule

Progress report schedule table. Written below in screen reader friendly text.
  • Progress Report 1 - October 5 - In House Progress Report

  • Progress Report 2 - October 26 - In House Progress Report

  • Midterm Grade Report - November 5 - STARS "In Progress" Report Card

  • Progress Report 4 - December 5 - In House Progress Report

  • Progress Report 5 - January 5 - In House Progress Report

  • Final Semester Grade - January 26 - STARS Final Report Card