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Welcome to the Tech Help page. This section of our website is dedicated to providing Students, Parents, and Teachers will guides and video tutorials for using our technology tools. the page is divided into sections based on the technology.

Tech Tip Playlist

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Apple App Store Link - Pupilpath
Android App Store Link - Pupilpath

Google Classroom

Teachers use Google Classroom to post assignments, videos, announcements, and other resources for students. Students are expected to use Google Classroom to submit assignments. Parents can also be invited to observe their child's progress with regular email updates from Google Classroom. Google has provided a convenient list of support topics and tutorials for everyone, which can be found here.

Student Tutorials

Parent Tutorials

Teacher Tutorials

Here's a YouTube playlist of video tutorials for common teacher tasks in Google Classroom.

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Apple App Store Link - Google Classroom
Android App Store Link - Google Classroom

Other Tools

While PupilPath and Google Classroom are the main tools used by all teachers and students, some teachers may assign activities through additional tools like Edpuzzle, Nearpod, and Desmos.

Tutorials Coming Soon...