Diploma Pickup

Hello Class of 2020,

Here is all the information you need to know about diploma distributions. Please read the information below in DETAIL as we are still taking precautions during these unprecedented times.

  1. You must bring in any books and electronics you borrowed from the school. We won’t distribute your diploma and additional documents unless you return the borrowed items. This includes any chargers that go along with the device.

  2. You have to sign up for a time slot to pick up your diploma, the link to do so is below. You must arrive at the time you indicated as you’re not allowed to arrive before or after your scheduled time.

  3. You are not allowed to wait around for your friends. AGAIN, we are taking precautions to provide you your documents. If a crowd of any form happens the distribution of diplomas will be stopped.


Step 1: Go to the desired week/date

Step 2: Select your desired time slot (please note that new dates are added on a regular basis so check the calendar regularly)

Step 3: Write your FULL name under the event name

Step 4: If someone is picking up your documents on your behalf, please specify details under the event description. It must be a parent or guardian.

Step 5: Click SAVE

We will keep you updated on future distribution dates. Please keep checking your PLHS email regularly for updates AND email Ms. Ramirez if you have any questions at msjramirez@pelhamlabhs.org.